Have you got any questions?

As you can imagine we get asked a lot of questions about some of the activities we run. Hopefully the information below will answer a few of these, but if you have any unanswered questions please give the office a call or use the contact form.

Where can I find you?

We are located in the Main Visitor Centre at Lulworth Cove, BH20 5RQ. You can get a Google Maps view HERE.

Parking is available in the nearby Pay & Display area.

How high are the jumps and do I have to do them?

We operate on a ‘challenge by choice’ approach, your guides will give the options of things to do and you can decide how far you want to push yourself.

All of our guides are very experienced and as such will provide encouragement but will never force you to do anything you are not happy with.

Do I have to accompany my children?
Unless you are booking out the entire session for a group (e.g. children’s party) we will insist that at least one adult accompanies those under 16.

Can I bring my action camera?
For all watersports action cameras (GoPro’s) are only permitted if they are helmet mounted.  This is to ensure your capability to hold onto the rocks efficiently when moving around the coastal environment. For our land-based activities we do permit cameras so long as their use does not interfer with the enjoyment of others. All personal belongings used on session are at the owners risk. Lulworth Outdoors and the Lulworth Estate will not be held resposible for the loss or damage of any personal equipment.

What are your staff to client ratios?
Our ratios varying depending on the activity: Coasteering – 1:6 (maximum of 3:18) Kayaking – 1:8 Mountain Biking – 1:8 Archery 1:12 Guided Walks 1:35 *Ratios maybe be reduced at the Lead Instructor’s discretion when environmental conditions dictate.

I have a medical condition or have had a recent illness/surgery, can I still participate?
We would recommend that you contact us and your GP to discuss any concerns on an individual basis. It is imperative that you disclose all medical information so our instructors can adapt activities to suit. It is unlikely that disclosure will prevent you from taking part in the activities.

Can I bring my own wetsuit?
Yes – but… The local geology takes its toll even on our reinforced suits so please bear this in mind. The water temperature will also dictate whether your suit will keep you sufficiently warm. Our childrens suits are 5mm all over and our adults suits are 5:4:3mm. Own wetsuits must be full length for coasteering. You are able to wear shorty wetsuits for snorkelling and kayaking.

What is the duration of your activities?
Coasteering, kayaking and mountain biking last for 3 hours. Archery, bushcraft and snorkelling are around 1.5 hours. Guided walks vary depending on the groups requirements.

Do I need to be a confident swimmer?
We ask that all watersports participants are comfortably able to swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided.  This is one length of a standard swimming pool. If you are not a confident swimmer please contact us anyway as we may still be able to accommodate.

My 7 year old child is a confident swimmer, can they come coasteering?
Unfortunately we are only able to take those aged 8+ coasteering.  This is due to a stipulation by our insurers and is out of our control. However we have no maximum age so bring the grandparents.

Is there anywhere I can leave my valuables?
We can provide safe storage for your valuables whilst you are on activity. Though we would strongly advise that you leave really valuable items at home. If you are unable to do this and must bring them with you, we can lock small items in a safe.